2-3 November 2017
Addis Ababa | Ethiopia
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Digital Tools for Collaborative Research

3 Nov 2017, 08:40
Hilton Hotel (Addis Ababa | Ethiopia)

Hilton Hotel

Addis Ababa | Ethiopia

Menelik II Ave
Reviewed Presentation Technical support required for intra-African collaboration Session 4a - Tools and e-Infrastructure required for Intra-African Collaboration


Mr Innocent Mapanga (Amity University Gurgaon)


Collaboration in research facilitate connecting researchers, exploration of literature, collaborative writing, publishing, evaluation, finding and sharing of data and code amongst a lot many research activities. A collection of digital tools are needed to support collaborative research efforts from research tasks ranging from search to article visualization so as to enhance reading, writing and navigation experience for researchers. Researchers stationed in different institutions and regions of the world are increasingly reaching out to connect with experts as well as other researchers to solve different problems facing governments of the world. This calls for tools that support collaboration such as in the creation of electronic lab notebooks, mind mapping, generation and analysis of data sets, which serve as the nervous system that provision services that support meaningful collaborative activities. Digital tools supporting outsourcing of experiments and connecting instruments and sharing of development platforms through virtual environments have come in hand in strengthening collaborative research. In this era of collaborative research writing, research writing tools have become a requirement especially those able to adapt to the needs of researchers to enable storage and management of references facilitating writing of manuscripts while keeping a close track in the modifications by others to the text. Evaluating research enables scientific value of articles and overall achievements of researchers to be known through peer reviews. Digital Tools that analyse impact of one’s research to check impact factor and citation counts help researchers visualize the impact of their research. In this research work, we will analyse the various digital tools supporting collaborative research and how they assist the various collaborative research activities. Furthermore, we will establish tools that researchers are still yearning for, that need to be developed to help them in undertaking their research activities which are currently not covered by existing digital research tools. Keywords: - digital research tools, digital tools for research collaboration, collaborative research tools

Primary author

Mr Innocent Mapanga (Amity University Gurgaon)


Mr Kudakwashe Zvarevashe (Harare Institute of Technology) Ms PRUDENCE KADEBU (HARARE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY) Mr Rosenthal T Robert Shoniwa (Harare Institute of Technology)

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