Instructional Design in e-Learning

Tiwonge Banda (UbuntuNet Alliance)

As the world continues to face the COVID-19 pandemic, government restrictions aim to distance people to reduce further cases. Many schools and universities around the world remain closed. While these restrictions have significantly impacted education globally, not all outcomes have been negative. The COVID-19 crisis has triggered an online boom for education with many education institutions across the world moving teaching online.  Community efforts to utilise technology in support of online learning during the pandemic is evolving quickly and the demand for instructional design skills is growing by the day.
Join us on 27th May 2020 for a webinar titled “Instructional Design in eLearning”. The webinar ,organised in collaboration with SOMESA Uganda, will provide useful information on how educators can adapt to the new world of teaching and learning by moving education programs online.

    • Introductions: Introduction and Overview

      Dr. Michael Walimbwa is a Lecturer in the Department of Foundations and Curriculum Studies, School of Education, College of Education and External Studies at Makerere University, Uganda. He holds a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) from Kyambogo University, two Masters in Education, ICT (M.Ed. ICT) (Makerere University and the University of Cape Town respectively); and a PhD in Education (ICT) from the University of Cape Town. His research focus is on eLearning, ICT in Education, Teacher Education, and Teacher Continuous Professional Development. He holds enormous experience in Technology Enhanced Learning in Higher Learning as he facilitates on PEDAL, a project focused on advocacy for transforming pedagogy in several universities on the African continent.

      Dennis Kedyr Kagimu is passionate about people improvement and software.With over ten years' experience in the field of enterprise software engineering, he oversees the development and customisation of SOMESA.

      Convener: Tiwonge Banda (UbuntuNet Alliance)
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      Instructional Design in e-learning

      Focus on customizing traditional lectures for e-learning

      Speakers: Dr Michael Walimbwa (SOMESA Uganda), Mr Dennis Kagimu (SOMESA Uganda)
    • Question & Answer Session
      Convener: Tiwonge Banda (UbuntuNet Alliance)