18-20 November 2020
Virtual Conference
UTC timezone

Supporting Resilient Off-Campus Access in a Disrupted Environment

18 Nov 2020, 12:40
Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference




Teaching & Research has largely been based on on-campus models where researchers, faculty and
students have traditionally conducted their core business primarily from within their home
institutions with remote or off-campus access only initiated whenever there is collaboration with
other institutions.
The COVID-19 pandemic resulted to closure of all educational institutions in Kenya from March 2020
when most educational institutions were still continuing with the semesters. This prompted rapid
search for and implementation of solutions to support teaching, learning and research from remote
locations. These solutions ranged from learning management systems, conferencing systems, end
user devices, off-campus connectivity, and access just to mention but a few.
To support its member institutions, KENET engaged in different initiatives aimed at facilitating the
transition to support online remote teaching, learning and research. Some of the solutions
implemented to support the KENET community included off-campus 4G/LTE access through Private
Mobile Network APN, Affordable Mobile Bundles for students, secure access through eduVPN and
providing conferencing facilities for meetings and teaching in the period. This presentation will focus
on some of the solutions and innovations implemented by KENET to support its community with
learning and research continuity during the disruption.

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