18-20 November 2020
Virtual Conference
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eSymposia Virtual Meeting Initiative: Democratizing Science

20 Nov 2020, 08:40
Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference


Nick Dua


Keystone Symposia’s eSymposia virtual meetings bring together global research leaders and rising stars in a particular field to discuss the latest research advances and directions, while broadcast live to global audiences.

Altogether, eSymposia virtual meetings, and associated resources, help to connect the global research community with the latest biomedical advances, tools and technologies, and even more importantly, with each other, to catalyze and accelerate life science discovery and innovation towards clinical impacts.

These virtual events also democratize the dissemination of science, by eliminating travel and minimizing costs to participate in global research meetings. With these digital technologies we are able to engage global audiences, giving scientists from limited resource settings and remote locations the rare opportunity to present their work and network with global research leaders. Fostering such diversity and inclusion in both virtual and in-person meetings is part of Keystone Symposia’s core mission, and eSymposia virtual meetings are a key part of this vision.

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