Marketing Research and Education Networks Services




Regional and National Research and Education Networks continue to come up with innovative solutions for their member institutions to promote the usage of ICT, the sharing of knowledge and promotion of collaboration. However, in some cases, prospective institutions, organisations and end-users  that can benefit from these solutions and services are not aware of the existence of these solutions and services thereby missing out on the benefits of such services. This webinar aims to share skills to Regional and National Research and Education Networks marketing, communication or engineering teams on how they can market their services and encourage uptake for the these services. The webinar will be facilitated by Karl Meyer, Product Management and Marketing Officer at the Pan -European Research and Education Network,  GÉANT.     

Karl has spent the past 25 years working within the Internet industry in both technical and sales and marketing roles and was Director of Channel Marketing Strategy for WorldCom EMEA. His roles included design and build of ISP services across the Middle East and Southern Europe including Turkey and Jordan and the development of the first European Cloud Service offering with Messagelabs.

He has an MBA for the Open University with an emphasis on International Enterprise Development and Knowledge Management. In addition Karl is a teaching fellow at Cambridge Marketing College – focusing on Digital Strategy.

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    • 09:00 09:05
      Introduction and Welcome Remarks 5m
      Speaker: Hastings Ndebvu (UbuntuNet Alliance)
    • 09:05 09:45
      Marketing National Research and Education Networks Services 40m
      Speaker: Karl Meyer (GEANT)
    • 09:45 10:00
      Q&A 15m
      Speaker: Hastings Ndebvu (UbuntuNet Alliance)