Communications and visibility workshop

Hotel Verde, Zanzibar

Hotel Verde, Zanzibar

Malawi Road
Dimple Sokartara (GÉANT Digital Engagement Officer), Hastings Ndebvu (UbuntuNet Alliance)
    • 1
      Welcome remarks
      Speakers: Dimple Sokartara (GÉANT), Hastings Ndebvu (UbuntuNet Alliance)
    • Presentations: Keynote presentations
      Convener: Hastings Ndebvu (UbuntuNet Alliance)
      • 2
        Communications and visibility of UA NRENs: current state, challenges and way forward
        Speaker: Hastings Ndebvu (UbuntuNet Alliance)
      • 3
        Experiences and best practices from the global community
        Speaker: Dimple Sokartara (GÉANT)
    • Team Exercise: Discussions
      Convener: Hastings Ndebvu (UbuntuNet Alliance)
      • 4
        Discussions on current challenges NRENs face with visibility and communications
      • 5
        Group work

        Presentation of case studies from NRENs by members!

      • 6
        Action plans